Northern Woodlands

In 1994, I started a magazine with my friend and neighbor, Virginia Barlow. It was called Vermont Woodlands until 1999. At that point, we expanded our coverage to all of New England and New York and became Northern Woodlands. We described the magazine as “a new way of looking at the forest” to highlight its exploration of the way rural life, stewardship, and appreciation for the natural world converge in today’s woods. NW winter 2000 cover

I wrote hundreds of columns and articles, some of which you will soon be able to read as blogs elsewhere on this site.

I also served as editor and lead author (with five terrific co-authors: Virginia Barlow, Irwin Post, Michael Snyder, Charlie Thompson, and Chuck Wooster) on a book called More Than a Woodlot, “the indispensable primer on what every owner of a family forest ought to know,” according to Robert Kimber, author of Upcountry.


I left Northern Woodlands in 2011 when I was awarded a fellowship at Harvard Forest, where I began the research that would turn into my book, Thirty-Eight.